About the Beaverline Safaris Blog

Hi there! My name is Mary—Welcome to my blog! I have spent most of my life travelling around the world on various safaris. In my time preparing for various trips, as well as providing advice and guidelines for friends, I have noticed a severe dearth of information online about how to prepare for a safari. This website is meant to provide everything from advice on packing to how-to’s on choosing your experience.

I grew up going on safaris. My father, a physical anthropologist and primatologist, brought our family on many of his trips to Tanzania while he conducted fieldwork. Eventually, my mother, brother and I grew tired of watching chimpanzees all day, so we decided to venture out on safaris. I was immediately hooked. After studying wildlife preservation and global sustainability in college, I accepted a Peace Corps position in Benin, where I worked part-time as a safari tour guide.

Though my tour guide days are behind me, I am still passionate about the preservation efforts and milestones made by safaris all over the world. Since starting my own family, I have tried my best to show my children how accessible nature can be. Whether you want an adventure-filled experience of a calmer family vacation, you’ll find what you need on this blog!